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Product quality diversity

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Product quality diversity

Safety, health, energy saving, intelligence and environmental protection have become the theme of kitchen revolution and development in the 21st century. It broadens the thinking for the development of commercial equipment industry. With the increasingly serious problems of environmental pollution and lack of resources in the world, the problem of green environmental protection has attracted more and more attention. The awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation contained in commercial equipment products has increasingly become the focus of consumers' attention, and the product structure has evolved in the direction of beauty, fashion, environmental protection, low energy consumption and intelligence. The accelerated upgrading of products poses a challenge to the production of enterprises, requiring enterprises to provide more environmentally friendly and intelligent products.

With the improvement of residents' income level, the acceleration of urban life rhythm and the change of consumption concept, the proportion of dining out and traveling will increase, the improvement of consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure will stimulate the development of service industries such as hotel industry and catering industry, and the sustained and rapid development of catering industry and hotel industry will also drive the demand for commercial equipment.






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