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Principle of commercial induction cooker

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Principle of commercial induction cooker

The working principle of electromagnetic heating is that a high-frequency current is applied to the coil disc, and a magnetic field is generated on both sides of the axial direction of the coil disc. When the iron cooker is within the range of the magnetic field, a current (i.e. eddy current) is generated at the bottom of the cooker. The eddy current makes the iron molecules of the cooker move at a high speed and irregularly, and the molecules collide with each other to generate heat energy. It is the high-speed heating of the appliance itself, which is used to heat and cook food, So as to achieve the purpose of cooking.

Because of the heating principle of the commercial induction cooker, the heat source of the cooking of the commercial induction cooker mainly comes from the heat generated by the bottom of the cooker, rather than the heat generated by the induction cooker itself. Therefore, the thermal efficiency is nearly 1 times higher than that of all cookers, which is energy-saving and efficient.

When people hear electromagnetic heating, they always think of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, the radiation of commercial induction cooker is very little, which is lower than that of ordinary household, because metal can shield electromagnetic radiation. The radiation of high-voltage line, mobile phone and microwave oven is greater than that of commercial induction cooker.






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